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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Forget Umbrellas

Searching eBay for an arc. Seriously, if this week's forecast holds true, Boston will be halfway to Biblical proportions. I'm just glad I no longer live on the first floor. I'm also glad I'm not homeless, although living rent-free would be nice for a while. Speaking of arcs, did you know the original name for Garden State was "Large's Arc?" I think Zach Braff made the right move in changing the name, mainly because Garden State has several meanings. The obvious one is it's the nickname for the state where the film takes place. But dig a bit deeper and you'll realize "garden state" also sums up the main character's mindset as the movie progresses, as if he's shedding the drugs that've dictated his thoughts for so many years and planting seeds for a healthier, truer "garden," one that involves the delicious Natalie Portman. And I can finally say I've used "delicious" to describe something other than food.

So back to the rain thing. The best things about rainy weekends include saving money by not going out and accomplishing household chores and other tasks that keep getting put off. For instance, I spent last night reading Travels With Charley before hittin' the hay. I filled this morning by updating my iPod and rediscovering the waffles and frozen berries in the back of my freezer. The afternoon has taken me to Trader Joe's before returning me to my room, where I've been writing the past several hours. Oh, and I called home to wish Catherine a happy Mother's Day. I really don't know where I'm going w/ this, other than rainy days are sometimes a good thing. Rainy weeks, on the other hand, are challenging. Wish me luck as I head into my second in a row.


At 10:25 PM, Anonymous k-man said...

using delicious in any other context will make me pass judgements on your sexual orientation.


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