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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Little Things

I’ve always taken pleasure in “the little things” in life, things most people ignore or take for granted. For example, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received was a going-away cake from two Ameri-gals I was never really close to. Why was it so special? Well, they constructed a dessert shaped in a “J” and decorated it as a highway (complete w/ Hot Wheels car), signifying my departure from DC to Boston. For once in my life, I was speechless.

Life’s little treasures are abundant throughout our days. The hard part is noticing them. Here’s a few I look forward to every week, just in case you’re curious.

Sundays- Trivia at the Thirsty Scholar w/ K-Man and others! We always field a competitive team, and I’m money on any question involving French. The fact a bunch of MIT nerds frequent the watering hole only increases my competitive juices. Making fun of the computer geeks is always a fun way to kill time between questions. I told you I’m not a nice guy.

Mondays- The billing coordinator at work is hilarious. I love stopping by her office and shootin’ the breeze. Our running joke around the office is she and I have a crush on each other (she’s married w/ kids, I’m at least 10 years her junior). Her office is right next to my supervisor’s, so every time I call her, she loudly exclaims, “Oh, hi, __________ (insert my name)!” And in the background I hear my boss laugh. The funniest part is her 8th-grade daughter really does have a crush on me. I’m caught in the center of an imaginary family feud love triangle.

Tuesdays- The pre-school kids have swimming lessons every Tues/Thurs, so I always keep an eye out for them walking past my window. Watching them parade up the hill from the Childcare Building is a hoot, and I love their reactions when I ask them if they’re going to play tennis/golf/horseshoes/squash. One of ‘em eventually shouts, “We’re going swimming!” I still contend, however, the best form of birth control is working w/ kids.

Wednesdays- The basketball class I teach for kindergartners and first-graders always makes me happy. Watching their improvement over eight weeks is staggering., as they’ve progressed from being unable to dribble to throwing each other outlet passes and making lay-ups. I’m so proud of my kids! The best part is their favorite drill, which consists of me rolling a ball and calling out one of their names. They have to sprint and slide across the floor to stop the ball before it crosses the black line. It’s hilarious.

Thursdays- The O.C. I love the witty dialogue, Summer’s gorgeousness (is that a word?) and the ridiculousness of each plot twist. But more than anything, I look forward to the opening song (courtesy of Phantom Planet). I’ve actually caught myself jumping out of my seat and dancing, doing some sort of landing strip flag-waving maneuvers. Yes, I’m single.

Fridays- Who doesn’t like Fridays?

Saturdays- Nothing beats lounging on the banks of The Charles with my journal, iPod and a good book. It’s the perfect way to prep for a late night and catch up on phone calls. Falling asleep for an hour or two in the grass is a nice bonus. Aside from waking up next to someone you love, I can’t think of a better place to return from a nap. Wiping grass and drool from my face makes it infinitely better.


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