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Saturday, March 18, 2006

E-Memory (Part One)

Before gmail came along w/ its fancy archiving feature, people deleted their email after reading it. I save emails. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hang on to every email I’ve ever received, but I tend to store important messages or messages from important people. It’s like a time capsule, as I can jump back almost 10 years to remember what I was like, remember things I said, remember the people in my life and things they said. Once I became serious in my poetry writing, I saved every email from girls I’ve dated, perhaps knowing one day it would end and I’d be left with sharp memories of what I once had.

I was awakened this morning before 7am in a 100-degree (Celsius) room cuz my roomie turned the heat up last nite upon returning from the bars. Since my room lacks curtains (I have one curtain, one sheet covering two windows, and an American Flag covering the fourth), I knew I would not be falling back asleep.

After reading for more than an hour (Through Painted Deserts), I pulled out my laptop and started looking through archived emails. I first read through stuff saved from my g/f in college. I actually smiled through many of her messages, wondering how we ever coexisted as she’s clearly not a good match for me. But wait, the person she was in 2001 may not be someone I want now, but what about when I was 21? Have I changed that much in five years, or have I simply figured out what I want in a woman? And if our paths crossed tomorrow, would there still be something between us? As I ponder such questions, I think back to Elon homecoming 2004 when I saw her in the parking lot before the football game. I was walking w/ two of her college roomies, and she ran up to them and gave them hugs w/out even acknowledging my presence. It was slightly awkward, but whatever. Being materialistic, she may have detected the presence of food stamps in my wallet and simply discarded me from memory, embarrassed she’d ever dated a guy who would commit two years to AmeriCorps. So to answer my question, no, there’d probably be nothing left between us if we were ever to meet again.

Quick excerpts from one of the emails she sent me while visiting her dad in California in May 2001:

i'm over at alethia's which is where i'm spending these first two
nights. it's a really nice condo, nicer than my house which kinda pisses me off. I am so glad that she has the internet. i really hate being cut off from it. i'm such a product of technology it's scary.

then my dad's other friend allen took us for a ride in his new chrysler 300M. it was nice, but i'm so not a Chrysler fan. if it had been a mercedes i would have been impressed. of course those cars are common place here so they lose some of their appeal.

i gave myself a french manicure and i kind of like it so i may start doing it more often.

So yea, if you know me, you’re now scratching your head wondering what I was doing w/ her. And although we had good times together, I feel the same way. Tomorrow I’ll talk about my last girlfriend. Stay tuned.


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