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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Could Even See the Lights From the Goodyear Blimp...

And it said J-Mazz is a pimp.

Yesterday was a good day. I had to deliver a 10-minute presentation before the city council (including the mayor) yesterday. Intense. For the occasion, I wore a shirt and tie to work and immediately turned heads. Pat, the sixtysomething woman who works behind the front desk every morning, didn't recognize me. Twice (she's not THAT old).

One of the members pointed me out to two others, commenting on my purple tie. Apparently my everyday outfit of YMCA tshirt and cargo pants doesn't turn heads quite the same. Bonus points to the Unicel guy who came in early to fix the phones, including one by the pool. I had to escort him to the phone, and I swear every swimmer AND the hot lifeguard did double-takes.

Oh, and I apparently gave an amazing performance for the city council, receiving emails from numerous members afterward commending me for a great speech. Granted, I came prepared w/ multi-colored packets of information detailing teen health risks and the YMCA Youth Forum designed to curtail recent statistics.

The perfect ending to a perfect day came last nite when I stumbled upon Chapelle's Show on Comedy Central, the Mad Real World episode. "Correction: Lysol had sex w/ Katie. I only filmed it."


At 2:44 PM, Blogger T-Rock said...

Leave it to ol' Elon to turn out successful bi'ness (short for business) men like you. A special shout out to all those who wear purple ties and purple spandex body suits. HOLLLERRRRR!!!!


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