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Monday, January 16, 2006

A basement? Who knows?

I spent five days in San Antonio and I never even attempted to see the Alamo. I saw the riverwalk, the convention center and Market Square, but no Alamo. I can’t say that I really care. I think.
Last night I thought about what I would tell people who asked, “Did you see the Alamo?” Inevitably someone would (and several have). While it doesn’t bother me that I didn’t see it, I do wonder if I will ever be given the chance to see it again. Will I ever go back to San Antonio? Do I care if I ever go back to San Antonio? Not really.
But do you ever wonder, as you stand in a certain place in a certain time, will I ever be here again? It doesn’t matter if it’s a good place or a bad place, or whether it envokes a good feeling or bad one. It's all the same. Our experiences in life are all so short, so finite.
There’s my deep thought for the day. That’s what happens when you eat much Mexican food.


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