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Friday, February 25, 2005

Tee's I wear to tease

Getting into the whole t-shirt craze thing is kinda tempting for me, and sometimes I dable. I have a fraggle rock t-shirt. I have a tiny Phillies t-shirt. In high school I was one of the first girls in my class to wear my little sister’s dorky cartoon tee’s. I had a great Yankees tee until the Greggster made me give it up (okay, he didn’t make me but the roomie was dating a huge Yanks fan and it made Greggster vomit and holler so it worked out rather well). I recently bought a t-shirt from that says: “Don’t Mess with Delaware.” That was a must have.
But I get online or I try to be trendy and shop at urban outfitters, and all I see is slogan t-shirts- old Star Wars graphics, “Jesus is my Homeboy”, robots, CBGB, rainbows, trucks, anything eighties or seventies or sixties……
Where does it end? And where can I wear these shirts? To work? No. To the gym? No way, I feel dorky. To sleep? Yes, but then I feel silly for wearing a 30 dollar shirt to bed. To a bar? No sir, not in DC.
Although one time the Roomie and I conducted a little experiment. We went out to a bar in Arlington, and wore t-shirts- mine read “Wish You Were Here”, and I believe hers was a cubs t-shirt. We got so many lines, so many hits, so many men wanting to buy us drinks. I think the shirts served as a conversation starter…I got, “Hey! You like Pink Floyd?” and, “Oh, I most certainly DO wish I was there.” And, “isn’t that an Incubus song?” That’s how you can tell the range of the age of the men that hit on me- Pink Floyd to Incubus.
I think the roomie even got, “I have never dated someone as beautiful as you before,” as if they were dating…..weirdo…
Of course none of those pickup lines can beat the most horrible line ever…

Jerkoff: When was the last time you got a haircut?
Me: A few months ago?
Jerkoff: Oh, so you’re in that growing out phase right now…..
Me: ………

Just take a minute and think about that……..
Where was I? T-shirts. They are funny. Apparently they have clubs and blogs and people that are waaaaaay too into their collections. A word to the single females out there- wear them to bars. If not to start conversation and meet a nice man, to conduct experiments like my roomie and I.

Quick Note

Speaking of quick, remember when Nesquik was known as Nestle's Quik? Ahhhh, the good ol' days. "It's a chocolatey dream come true."

Anyway, I went out in Harvard Square Sat. nite for the first time. My good friend Charlie, his buddy Paul and I met up w/ some of our Ameri-friends at Shay's. Here're a few quick notes on Harvard bars.

1. There are NO equations on the walls.

2. There are, however, dictionaries and other text books for your reading pleasure while waiting in the bathroom line.

3. Once in the bathroom, common restroom graffiti is evident. My favorite is "Question Internal Combustion." My non-Harvard friends and I always discuss that topic.

4. Harvard Square seems to be the mecca for short, dorky-lookin guys. I felt a lil outta place, esp. since I look so cool.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Leave work 2 hours early due to snow? Yes, please.
Cowabunga, I just have to decide if I want to sew or get drunk this afternoon......
tough call.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quote of the Day

This morning I stopped by the daycare program here at the Y. I figured it'd be good to stop in every once in a while considering it's one of the programs that falls under me. Anyway, I was playing blocks w/ a 4-year-old boy when he looked at me and said, "I have a square-ish head. You have an oval head." Super.

Pet Peeves

During a meeting on Friday, I came up w/ a few more pet peeves. Enjoy.

1. I hate it when people say they "could care less" about something they have no interest in. If they could care less, then part of them cares about it. What they really mean is they couldn't care less.

2. It also bugs me when people say, "Can I ask you a question?" I usually reply w/, "You just did." Instead, why not just say, "Lemme ask you a question." Simply asking the intended question would save everyone's time, as well.

3. What's the point of certificates? I mean, once you graduate elementary school, is there any real thrill in receiving a certificate? I like to keep my certificates in the bathroom, just in case I run outta toilet paper.