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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Toon Into Your Inner Self

Ever wonder which cartoon character most resembles you? Um, yeah, me neither. But let’s say for the sake of this blog that people do think of such things. I’m curious to hear your answers, and don’t take the easy way out and find a character who looks like you (sorry, T-Rock, you’ll have to pick someone other than Smurfette). I’ll start you out w/ my answer.

If this survey were based on looks, I’d clearly be best compared to He-Man. But since it’s a personality test of sorts, I will offer up someone known for wit, humor, and a knack for having fun. Someone who knows when to be serious and when to be silly. Someone who’s not afraid to speak out against wrongdoings, a character who possesses unassuming intelligence and an array of sarcastic remarks. Someone who forces others to think. The truest cartoon example of my personality would be none other than...


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