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Friday, November 18, 2005

Practice makes perfect

Time flies when you are spending it with a 9 year old. Maybe it’s because you have to think about their well being, their happiness, their safety every moment you spend with them. Last weekend we had “duty” of the Greggster’s nine-year-old cousin. We did everything from seeing a movie (Zaratha or Zanthura or Zantac, I’m not sure what it was called) to eating conveyor belt sushi, to visiting the monuments to an NBA game (actually that was just the boys. They had “guy time”.)

This isn’t just any 9 year old. Sadly, this sweet little boy lost his daddy last year to a massive heart attack. Since that time he has been the man of the house, helping to raise his younger sister, console his mother, and cater to his grandmother. We visited him last summer and he told us that he missed “guy time”. He missed having a dad to watch sports with, someone to play catch with, a person to videotape his football games. So we decided to take a more active role in his life, the culmination of which was this weekend’s trip.

I think it was good practice for when we have children of our own…that is when Greggster forces me to pop out half a dozen of the little critters. But I thought I’d post today some of my favorite quotes from the weekend….a la nine year old…

“You know, this is one of those times that I like to use the saying, nothing lost, nothing gained.” (That’s right, he is nine.)

“I am a good investor. I bet I’m better at investing than you.” (Conversation with his 55-year old aunt.)

“If we get my sister a hat that says CIA on it, it could stand for Crazy, Idiot Asshole.”

“We just decided to go somewhere else so the lady wouldn’t give us more shit.” (Referring to a hostess at the ESPN Zone)

“Some Bozo.” (his response to my question, “Who is that a statue of?”)

And my favorite conversation of the weekend…
9 year old: Gregg, stop being such a pussy.
Me: Um, where did you hear that?
9YO: on the radio
Me: Do you know what it means?
9YO: No. Well, maybe, yeah. It’s a cat.
Me: Ok, well, its one of those words that means one thing to some people, and something really upsetting to other people. SO DON”T SAY IT.
9YO: Ok.

Kids. They keep you on your toes.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Balto17 said...

Jesus Christ. Who are you helping raise, a long shoreman? What a mouth on that one.

I love it.


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