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Monday, August 01, 2005

Get it out of your system

What is more important, I keep telling my friends, is that I am making a commitment to spend the rest of my life with someone. Sure, right now the decisions concerning red or gold or roses or steak seem intense and immediate, but I assure them there is something much deeper going on here. I am, after all, getting married.
J-Mazz likes to tease, doesn’t he? Last night he said, after talking on the phone for a few minutes, “I’ll let you get back to married people things now, like spooning.”
Interestingly enough, "married people things" include much more. This weekend we hung a pot rack, bought shelves, took friends to a baseball game, made arrangements for out of town guests, cooked, ate, talked and fought.
Maybe the last item seems trivial or shitty, even, but right now it almost seems important. Not because we disagree, not to hurt each other, but to release some of the stress built up from moving in, throwing away, making changes and making them rather quick.
I haven’t shared a room since I was 11. So yes, it’s going to cause some friction. Sometimes we don’t understand each other, sometimes it’s hard to grasp what it is that is so important to one of us, yet so inconsequential to the other.
I say it’s better to get it all out now, than to wait until we are old and have trouble hearing. If you think things don’t come out too clearly at 24, imagine what it’ll be like when were 75.
Me: “For the love of God, take your god damned wet towels off the bed! It’s going to mildew!
Greggster: “What? Bowels? I didn’t shit on the bed! You’re the one who’s incontinent!”
Me: “How dare you call me incompetent! I have a Master’s degree!”
Greggster: “Yeah well, you’ll be masturbating a lot more often now! I want separate beds.”


At 12:01 PM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

That's funny, because I don't remember talking to you on the phone at all. Hooray for weekend-long bachelor parties!


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