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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sharing and Caring

At yesterday's Leaders Club meeting (HS kids), my co-advisor and I kicked off the evening w/ an always fun activity. Each person wrote their name atop a piece of paper. We then passed the paper to our left, eventually rotating around the entire circle before returning to the senders. The directions were to write one kind thing about each person, so everyone ended up w/ a paper filled w/ compliments. I received some touching thoughts, such as:

"I see a lot of passion for Leaders (Club) and the Y in you and you are doing a good job w/ your programs."

"I've really appreciated working w/ you. You've been a... committed youth worker, and a very fun friend. Thanks for all the laughs."

I found the last comment, however, slightly disturbing. It simply said, "You know how to have a good time." Somethin tells me the Village People used that very same line (most likely in the locker room) for inspiration in writing their infamous song, which shares the name of my employer. I always cringe when I hear people unknowingly singing the sex-centered lyrics of "YMCA." Ugh.


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