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Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's Been Two-and-a-Half Years Since I Fell in Love...

with Fuji apples. What began with a hearty bite one AmeriCorps afternoon transformed into a newfound appreciation for the historic fruit. The day began just as any other on Catalina Island, waking up to the angry voice of a hairy 18-year-old asking the other guys in the tent, “What kind of fuckin' work do they have us doing today?” Breakfast followed, proceeded by my team’s daily pushups and situps.

After pounding in fence posts w/ my team all morning, we settled on some shade to devour our sunny-hot lunches. After a delicious turkey sandwich, chased by PB&J, I reached into my bag to discover an apple, granola bar and a bag of cookies. I opted to save the junk food for the mid-afternoon dip in energy and wrapped my fingers around the fruit. Its soft skin felt smooth and warm against my skin, like the back of a lover’s ankle. As I freed the apple from the lunch bag’s darkness, sunlight danced across the red fruit, illuminating it in my hand. My hair swayed in the ocean breeze as I examined the familiar object in my grasp, searching for the perfect area to attack the final chapter in my lunch. I finally decided to pierce the apple’s skin where a touch of green faded to red.

The sweet golden interior brought my gaze to the horizon, as if automatically searching for the ingenious creator of such wonderful nourishment. Alas, nothing but Pacific lay beyond Catalina’s autumn hills. My tongue and teeth begged me to avoid brushing that night, if only to savor the taste throughout the night. Before attempting a second bite, I reexamined the flavor bomb in my hand to learn what one calls such an apple. And there, under the cloudless November sky, I learned such a taste can only be named Fuji.

And you thought this was gonna be another somber heartache story.


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