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Monday, May 23, 2005


Remember back in HS when AOL IM was all the rage, the newest thing to hit the World Wide Web? Since I'm stuck in the Teen Center this week, T-Rock and I have rekindled our college glory days of IMing each other on a regular basis. Here's a typical chat.

T-Rock: if i get married in delaware
T-Rock: will you come to my wedding?
J-Mazz: as long as I'm not gettin married that day
J-Mazz: sooooooooo, yes
J-Mazz: can I be ringbearer?
T-Rock: yeah sure.
T-Rock: just dont make out with the flowergirl
J-Mazz: damn

I can feel myself getting stupider and stupider each day. IM may be a daily feature, at least this week.


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