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Thursday, April 14, 2005

You Will Love This Singer (that's an order)

Not since I stumbled upon Damien Rice two years ago have I been this excited about a relatively unknown musician. The reason? Her name’s Emiliana Torrini and her voice is simply amazing. I first learned of her during my radio show w/ T-Rock. We played her album every once in a while, chuckling at song titles such as Tuna Fish and Weird Friendless Kid. I eventually fell in love w/ her Bjork-ish voice. While visiting my parents last weekend, I got around to downloading some of her songs and put them on CD.

I’ve been listening to her daily the past 10 days, part of me returning to that small radio booth w/ T-Rock as we relished every minute of our senior year. Whether we were prepping for a school-sponsored open bar or our weekly tradition of dollar margaritas and The Osbournes, Torrini’s music serves as a rich reminder to a much easier time, when our biggest concerns were which songs we’d dedicate to our exes and which god-awful Jimmy Eat World song we’d make our listeners suffer through. For the record, we both thought their 2002 hit Sweetness was hilariously awful, which resulted in us cracking up every time we heard it, especially after it became so popular months later. The funny thing is, this morning while showering, that song came on the radio and I immediately broke into a ridiculous dance. So anyway, check out Emiliana Torrini. I recommend listening to If You Go Away and Sunny Road, as well as anything from her Love in the Time of Science album. You won’t be disappointed.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger T-Rock said...

What a wonderful time in our lives. Thanks for helping me remember...I owe you a margarita.


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