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Friday, April 15, 2005

More Music, More Memories

I often write just before falling asleep. I can't count the times I've literally drifted off mid-sentence, only to find my journal (a $1.29 notebook) beside me the next morning. My thoughts tend to be clearest whenever I'm in bed (how's THAT for a pickup line?). I also enjoy reading everything I wrote the nite before, because I rarely remember the specifics. It's like reading a book you haven't opened since childhood. The story is familiar, but the details have been forgotten. Anyway, that's my disclaimer for the following, which I wrote a few nites ago.

I saw my ex for about an hour back in November. I hadn’t seen her since we’d broken up a year earlier. Everyone I know told me I’d realize she’s not worth the heartache, the pain, blah blah blah, once I saw her again. I believed them, perhaps because I wanted to believe them. Unfortunately, for the brief period of time I saw her that late Sunday morning, we cliqued as if the previous year hadn’t existed. She made me laugh, she made me think; she was just as beautiful as before (I edited this past line cuz I apparently write unbelievably sappy staff when I'm half-awake). Just as I began remembering the little things I love about her, I had to return to DC.

Two days later, while exploring a used CD store in Adams-Morgan, I purchased Ryan Adams’ (no relation) Love is Hell: Part Two. I’d never really listened to him before, but wanted some new music for the next day’s Chinatown Bus trip to NY for Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, I was heading north the same day she was heading home. Every time I listen to that album, I think of the late autumn rain rinsing the crowded bus, cars whizzing by as I rode north on I-95, looking for a Volvo station wagon, expecting to see her behind the wheel, heading home w/ a final few memories of me. Whenever I listen to that album, I’m back on that bus, swallowing miles of highway by the minute, wishing the rain would wash everything away.


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