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Thursday, April 14, 2005

FLEX! and release....FLEX!

I’m trying to figure out what it is about magazines that draws me to them. I’m trying to figure out why I love buying them, flipping through them, taking them on trips and looking forward to a night on the couch with them.
Maybe it feeds my attention span. Flashy and colorful, short stories and interesting factoids to take away. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people doing interesting things that cost a lot of money.
When I read fashion magazines, I hope to walk away with new ways to apply eye makeup, or an idea for chandelier earrings I need to try and make. When I read cooking mags, I look for one recipe to try at the next party or potluck. And when I look at fitness magazines, I look for a tip or new exercise to help me to take off “the last five pounds”.
I have a lot of expectation when I pick up a magazine. I’m looking for these specific things, and also, to relax.
Unfortunately, I usually end up a little dissatisfied with the time I spent flipping. Maybe it’s because I am looking for realistic things to take back into my life and use….but most magazines are about fantasy anyway. At least, traditionally. I appreciate attempts to break down recipes, outfits, fitness plans, vacations and major purchases. But I sometimes feel inadequate when I think about what they suggest I should do, what I should look like, how much time a should spend flossing or lifting weights or (for you Cosmo lovers) doing kegels.


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