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Monday, March 07, 2005

what makes love

I made a new best friend about a year and a half ago. It started out simple with movies and hikes and food….because we both like to eat a LOT.

I moved to DC with my best friend, and I wasn’t looking to replace her. But this new best friend doesn’t replace, rather simply fits and works and has managed to become the biggest thing in my life.

I never really understood how a boyfriend could become a best friend. I don’t care about being cool around my best friend. Sometimes I cry and puke and laugh and even snore around my best friend. Are these things I want to do around my boyfriend? Can every day people be the people we love? Yes.

This weekend my new best friend and I made sushi together. You want to test a relationship? Make sushi. Make something in the kitchen that takes heat and sharp knives and timing and raw fish and a whole 2 hours….and then honestly be able to tell each other it didn’t turn out so well. Not the way you had hoped.

It’s honesty and vulnerability and every day upsets that make love. It’s real friendship that makes love. It’s raw fish.


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