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Thursday, March 24, 2005

“Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter”

That’s the answer I used to give people when they asked how the Greggster and I met. Truth is, we met at a bar. And while J-Mazz might find that a little odd or rare, I beg to differ. I know at least 2 other people in my office who met their spouses in a bar.
Where do people our age go at night? Bars. Personally, I never wanted to pick up my mate at work (too sketchy) at the gym (too sweaty) or on the metro (too psycho killer).
Maybe you can argue that people who meet in bars usually have on their drunk goggles, and aren’t really too interested in the conversation or personality traits of their lucky pick…..maybe it’s just a hook up.
But I knew that’s not all it was when I met my Greggtser. I spotted him from across the dance floor- I saw him singing Snoop Dogg. I saw that he knew every word. Frankly, I was impressed and intrigued. Anyone with the same annoying habit as me- memorizing and always singing rap lyrics- was someone I had to meet. And so it went.
Try, try speed dating, try backpacking, try whatever you want. I’m a face to face kinda girl with a lot to say. I no longer see anything weird about meeting a great guy at a bar.


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