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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nobody does the Beatles like Greggster!

I wanted to let everyone know about a fabulous experience I had this weekend……
Japanese karaoke is not for everyone, but it is certainly for Greggster, the roomie, John boy, and I.
In Wheaton, MD, there’s a funky little shack called Color. You rent a room with a few couches, a TV, a light and a tambourine for 30 bucks (sounds like a strange sex rendezvous, no?) they give you a fruit tray and a catalogue of a few hundred songs and you go to town.
Unlike traditional karaoke, which is sung in front of masses of strangers, this place rents you your own private room, whereupon you serenade, or scare, only your friends.
About 90 bucks worth of six packs later, we all sounded great. The roomie told Greggster he should try out for American Idol, and John boy gave me mad props for my renditions of Christina Aguilera’s “beautiful” and Coolio’s own “Gangsta’s Paradise”. Highlights also included John boy’s eerily natural use of the tambourine and roomie’s microphone skills. She whipped that thing around like a pro.
If you love your friends, love making an ass out of yourself, love American classics, and love taking really long metro lines into scary parts of Wheaton, try Color.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

I especially enjoyed John Boy's U2 songs...very inspiring.

Let's also clear something's $30 an HOUR


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