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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Teen Center Action

I kicked a kid outta the Teen Center yesterday for the first time. I'm a huge proponent for letting teens be teens. I'd much rather have them at the center after school than on the streets gettin into mischief (drugs, vandalism, sexual experimentation, etc.). On the other hand, the Teen Center has gotsa have some rules. Yesterday I decided one of those rules is the banning of crotch shots. I don't like it when any of the kids hit/push each other, but most of 'em are in high school. Boys will be boys.

So I witnessed this kid Brian (a real "punk") punch another kid in the nuts yesterday. I walked over to 'em both and said it needs to stop and I'm not gonna tell 'em again. Sure enough, I caught Brian sneaking up on another kid and hitting him right in the pills. He turned around to see me glaring at him. In a firm voice, I said, "Get out. Get your stuff and get out." He tried being a wise-ass about it, etc., but I didn't move. I'm starting to realize my tall stature can make me pretty intimidating, esp. when I put on my angry face (very few have seen this). As I walked him out the door, he tried gettin in one last sarcastic comment to make his buddies laugh, but I drowned out his voice by saying, "If you wanna touch boys, do it somewhere else." THAT got the kids laughing. Brian left w/out another word. BAM!

When his mom came to pick him up, I contemplated walking outside to tell her why her son had been kicked outta the Teen Center, but I figured he'd endured enough embarrassment for one afternoon.


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Brian got Punk'd - HaHa!


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