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Monday, February 14, 2005

Returning Home

Much like T-Rock (scroll down for her entry), I had a good weekend, as well. I drove home (as in Keene, NH, where I grew up) Friday nite after gettin outta work at 10pm. It's not as bad as it sounds since I don't come into work on Fridays till 1pm. Anyway, I got my haircut Saturday by the same guy who's been cuttin my hair since I was in middle school. I also walked around downtown for a bit to check out the ice sculpture festival. Just one of the perks of New England. The guys using chainsaws made me reminisce about firefighting. "Across the hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I went to my friend Steve's apt. Sat. nite to help him celebrate his 25th bday. It seems like only four years ago he turned 21. Where does the time go?

After playing one of the greatest drinking games ever, Baseball (comin to a store near you), w/ his friends from work, we headed to the bars in high spirits (partly due to drunkenness, partly due to the balmy 30-degree nite). Here's where the nite gets hazy.

I remember arriving at the bar, buying a round and discussing how atrocious the band was. Then I remember leaving. The three hours in-between are lost forever. After closing down the bar, we walked to Cumby's (Cumberland Farms) for some Gatorade and snacks. It was then I realized I miss DC, where late-nite pizza is more accessible than a drunk bridesmaid. On our way to Cumby's, some college kids were staring at us. We decided we'd fight them. Unfortunately, they declined and walked away. Maybe next time.

After shoving random candy bars in my mouth, I began shouting, "Pizza MAAAAAAAAAAAAAART" as we stumbled around downtown. If you got a voice message that nite containing those two words, it was probably me. I finished my Gatorade on the walk home and passed out in bed. Fortunately, I did not pee all over my parents' bedroom door this time. Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning wishing I were dead. Now isn't that what being home is all about?


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

Moving close to home to be close to family and friends is a great thing...I'm sure your buddies love having you around. Don't worry, Pizza Mart isn't worth

Glad you didn't fight the college kids - fighting drunk isn't a good situation.

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