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Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Job, New City, Same Ol' Champs

So I've been livin in Boston almost a week now, and I must say it's quite diff. from my previous living condition in DC. For starters, my neighbors don't shout racial slurs when I walk by. They instead say hello and smile. Also, I live in a house w/ two other twentysomethings in a quiet neighborhood near Harvard. Again, very diff. from the rowhouse on Highway 50 (aka New York Ave).

Instead of awakening to sirens, I now rise each morning to the insane screams and clapping of the fat woman upstairs who insists on letting her dog outside each day at 730am. I love it, esp. since I don't need to be at work till 10am. I might pick up a long leash at KMart today, so she can just drag the dog up the steps instead of clapping like a cheerleader long past her glory days. Or maybe I'll just get Newman and Kramer to take care of the dog.

I'm currently in the Teen Center, where I spend each afternoon until a Teen Center supervisor can be hired. It's not too bad here; most of them are good kids, but a few bad seeds have def. set up roots. There're two floors in the Teen Center, so it's difficult to monitor the activities of all the kids. Back in HS, it may have been funny to walk in on two kids making out. Not here. Trust me. Yesterday I lost track of a couple and figured they were downstairs. Sure enough, the lights were low and they were sitting on a couch looking very relaxed. The worst part is they'd just gotten back from CVS. I don't even wanna think of the possibilities. Disaster averted.

I spend much of my 2-6pm block playing pool and foosball w/ the teens, watching their video games and learning lotsa new rap songs. Is that even the cool name for it? Is it still called rap, or has it changed to "hip-hop?" Good God, when did I get so old? I still manage to impress them when I recognize songs from The Chronic and old-school Weird Al. Yes, HS kids are still listenin to Weird Al, proving once and for all that his style is timeless. He's like The Beatles of our generation. Well, not yours, Greggster. You're old.

Speaking of The Greggster, I feel burdened by the unbelievable expectations put on T-Rock and myself to keep Nosalestax the freshest blog in the cyber universe. Not havin a 'puter in my office (yet) leaves me the Teen Center as my only avenue for posting on the blog. It's tricky, supervising a bunch of horny teens and finding time for the blog. As I type, I'm sure some kids are swapping spit downstairs. Ugh. I'll try to keep the magic alive, but my presence on the blog may be scarce these first few weeks of YMCA work. Don't worry, I'll always be watching, like Sting in that creepy Police song. OK, I've gotsa get downstairs before kids start rounding the bases. Countdown three days till the dynasty is official. Go CHAMPS!


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

see, that's what I've been waiting for! good work...and keep this thing going!


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