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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I know this great guy...

Last night Greggster and I were at Stetson’s for dart night. He plays in a league and I go along for the attention…..meaning I get to watch and talk to his fabulous, sweet, funny friends and let them buy me beer, tell me I’m great and bust Greggster’s balls a lil bit.
When I say these guys are great, I mean it. They are GREAT. These are guys who are a little older than me, who have great senses of humor, great jobs, great listening skills and great smiles. They make me love Greggster even more- knowing he has picked such wonderful friends makes me feel like he may have picked me for some of those same reasons (at least I hope).
Here’s what I don’t get- they are mostly single…
I talk to these men for hours some nights, and when I leave the bar with my Greggster, I think to myself, these guys have a lot to offer. They make me feel good about myself.
Actually, maybe I do get it. Looking in from the outside, it may appear “easy” to meet people in a city. There’s work and bars and deli’s and parks, and the gym. There’s happy hour.
But- if you are shy- how do you take advantage of any of these opportunities?
Case in point- last night I am hanging out with said “nice guys”, and one asks, “Do you have any single friends?”
Nice guy #1 has a brother who also plays on the team. The brother is certainly one of the best listeners I’ve met in DC. He is also funny, sensitive, caring, has an awesome memory and knows a lot about movies, plays, music and construction. He drinks beer and watches baseball. A man’s man, but a lady’s fortune.
Nice guy #1 goes on to explain things I already know- his brother has been through a divorce, went through tough times, but has lost 30 pounds, has opened a new chapter in his life, has a more positive outlook and is ready for some companionship.
But he is shy- he won’t talk to girls based on their looks at bars (which, quite frankly I respect). I gather that he is less inclined to seek some one out. Crowds aren’t his scene at all, and I believe he is best one on one. I look forward to talking with him because the conversation always takes on meaningful tone. Even if it’s about baseball, I walk away feeling like I have learned and I have laughed.
I kind of have to step outside my own box for this one. I will talk to anyone and everyone. I love meeting people, making people laugh, and making people feel comfortable. I met my boyfriend in a bar- I meet my friends at work, and I even manage to strike up conversation with randoms at the gym. It’s just me.
But what must it be like for someone who can’t just open up? Someone who feels like they might have something to lose?
So I suggest And apparently this seems like a reasonable solution. #1 tells me he is going to suggest this to his brother. I know many people that have found suitable suitors on match. I think it’s a different creature today than it was a few years ago- I think much of the stigma is gone, and that’s exciting.
I will search for him. I will start conversations with single girlfriends with “I know this great guy….” Is that how shy people meet? A friend of a friend sets them up?

Even big cities can make you feel like you are alone, sometimes.


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any of these guys are funny and somewhat tall (as this must be a requirement for me)and somewhat cute...I'm always up for a challenge :-*-karen b


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