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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Get over it.

Here is the Greggster's response to J-Mazz's last entry. Personally I am tired of responding to his pompous remarks about a good team. I know the Pats are good. No shit. But the Eagles made it this year, too. If anyone should you should understand what it's like to have loyalty to a team nobody thought could make it that far.
Without further ado, the Greggster:

Nothing to prove? It's the Super Bowl...another one that you scratched
out by 3 points.
JV - I don't know much about JV, I didn't spend much time on that level
(lettered in both basketball and baseball as a sophomore) but that's a
really good JV Champ if they can lose by only 3 points to 'The Dynasty'.
Hey, hats off to your team - they're won't get any argument
from most Philadelphia fans about that. But for people to say that the
Eagles weren't worthy opponents and aren't a great team is stupid.

Other then Manning, Culpepper, Favre and Brady who's on the top tier
level over McNabb? Who? Nobody. So that would place Donavan in the
Top 5 Category of best QB's.

I'm wondering why people think Mr. Terrell Owens is such a big
mouth...He doesn't talk trash while playing - EVER. Watch his games.
He never jaws back & forth with opposing players. He'll do a dance and
flap his arms - but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't that what 95% of the
players in the NFL do after a TD or INT or Sack? Yes - wow, I'm right
again. So don't classify T.O. with some immature, idiot named Freddie
Mitchell. Eagles fans know what Freddie is - he's a third string WR.
He has been and always will be. Actually, he'll be a fourth WR next
year behind Greg Lewis.
Rodney Harrison is great, Tedy Bruschi is great, Richard Seymour is
better then both of them...Vinatieri is great, Brady is super clutch and
has the poise of a real champion...Bellichick is a defensive
genius...Troy Brown - how could you not respect and like a guy who does
what he does...I'll stop now - you get the point.

But for any Patriot fan to say that the Eagles aren't worthy opponents
is dumb. As one of my friends from college who's from Mass and lives in
Boston and is a season ticket holder for the Pats, Sox, Celts and Bruins
(his parents are RICH) said to me yesterday on email:

"You're team is very good and tough. That first interception by McNabb hurt because
that took at least 3 points off the board. It wouldn't surprise me to
see them hold the Lombardi trophy soon."



At 2:54 PM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

I just re-read my previous post. Nowhere did I say the Eagles were not a worthy opponent. I just said the Pats were more pumped for the games against the Colts and Steelers, that's all. We fans were, too. That may be why we played so sloppily in the first half (turnover, penalties, etc.).

As for the JV champion comment, I was merely hinting that the NFC was the lesser conference this year. The stats don't lie. Two NFC teams made the playoffs w/ .500 records. Every AFC playoff team finished w/ double-digit wins. Eight of the first 12 draft picks were earned by NFC teams this year. This had nothing to do w/ the Eagles, although their weaker postseason competition may have hurt them in the big game. We'll never know.

As for trash-talking, everyone in the NFL does it on the field. But I can't respect someone who calls his former QB a homo. I just can't. Celebrating on the star at midfield in Dallas was pretty bush-league, as well. Oh, and tearing down a fan's sign in Cleveland was classless. It's a shame, too, since his performance on Sunday was so gutsy, right up there w/ Schilling in the ALCS. At least everyone's in agreement on Freddie Mitchell.

I apologize if I seem disrespectful of the Eagles. They were clearly the best team in the NFC, and surprised a lotta New England fans by hanging close for three quarters. But there's currently a feeling of invincibility for us. We've got the greatest coach (perhaps in history), the most clutch QB since Montana, and one of the league's best RBs (he would've won the rushing title had he not been injured for the Pittsburgh game on Halloween). Oh yea, our defense isn't bad, either. Next year should be interesting w/out our two coordinators (farewell Charlie and Romeo). Whatever happens, I'll be content. I mean, the Red Sox won the World Series!

One last thing about the Pats. I think Curt Schilling said it best when he described them as the Yankees of the NFL, only they're "not a bunch of greedy bastards."

They hate us cuz they ain't us.

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

You didn't say we weren't worthy - but by calling them JV and saying that they didn't get up for playing them because they already had played the Colts and the Steelers is basically calling them a not worthy opponent.
Just because a conference isn't up to par doesn't mean jack squat. The Pistons play in the LOWLY Eastern Conference in the NBA and went up against the 'Big-Bad Lakers' last year and beat them in 5 straight games (yeah, all 5).
The National League has a lot more tough teams in the last 5 years and the AL still has won more World Series.

I think you forget about how much Rodney Harrison gets in everybodys face after he makes a tackle...In fact, he did it to T.O. twice that I remember on Sunday and didn't get a bit of reaction. If T.O. was on your team the whole cities of Boston, Pawtucket, Manchester, Portland and Providence would wet themselves in joy. He's not a distraction...obviously there is some bad blood between him and Garcia - I could care less...seems like two friends that hate each other now.

I don't think losing Crennel will be bad...Bellichick is the real defensive coordinator. Losing Weis is going to be tough - but we'll see you next February.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

Ask any Pats fan which game they got most pumped for in the postseason. MAYBE one outta 10 would say the Super Bowl. Perhaps it's cuz the Pats were such heavy favorites in the final game.

Everyone said Manning and the Colts would blow out the Pats. Then everyone said the Steelers were too physical for us. No one outside of the Philly metropolitan area picked the Eagles to win. And, just like many other Pats games, we did enough to win. The score is always closer than the game when Bellichick and co. are involved. We do just enough to win, unlike the Colts, who leave their starters in the entire game of a postseason blowout (see Broncos game this year).

The only downside to all this New England success is it can't last. It sux, cuz it'll never be this good again (Pats dynasty, Sox World Series, Bruins undefeated). I guess now I know what it feels like to be any of my ex-girlfriends.

I'll cap off football talk an unforgettable quote: "This game could've been a blowout. You take away those interceptions and we could've been up two touchdowns early." -- Donovan McNabb


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