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Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday at the Teen Center

Just finished playing a best-of-three Eight Ball tournament, which followed a best-of-three Nine Ball tournament. The kicker? I played against Riley, one of the few middle school students who comes to the Center. If you've never lost to a kid shorter than his cue stick, you haven't lived. He wears a big metal chain that resembles a dog's choke collar, only it's very loose on him and hangs down to his navel. His braces make it slightly difficult to understand what he's saying, and he's the ultimate trash-talker when it comes to billiards. I'll be sizing up a very makeable shot, and he'll come over w/ his soft prepubescent voice and say, "Nope. Not possible." Sure enough, the four ball will rim out (is that proper billiards lingo?) or the cue ball will go in the wrong direction thanks to the battered cue sticks we have here at the Center (six cue sticks, zero cue stick tips). Chalking the plastic end seems to have no effect on the ball. Go figure.

In other news, I already miss my roomies in DC. Well, most of 'em. I don't miss the 19-year-old girl who thinks anything w/ two legs and a penis is hot. I always shuddered when she'd walk into the kitchen some mornings in an unusually good mood, only to be followed by some strange-looking guy. Ugh. I live w/ two people right now. We'll call 'em Kerri and Heath, to protect their identities, and mine. Apparently they made a deal that she would wash the floors if he took out the trash. Sure enough, I'd been living there less than a week, and they started arguing cuz Heath hadn't yet taken out the trash. Our landlord (really nice guy) ended up taking it out, which bugged Kerri cuz she and the landlord are friends. Anyway, to make a short story long, the argument ended w/ nothing settled aside from me volunteering to be "trash man." Hopefully that will override Heath's solution, which is to leave a trash can beneath one of our windows so we can just drop the bag into the can. Maybe his new blog name should be Lieutenant Lazy.

Now that I've compared my DC and Boston roomies, let's compare DC and Boston friends. Oh, wait, I don't have any Boston friends. I'll keep ya posted.


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