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Monday, February 14, 2005

Finding Home

Sometimes it gets a bad rap. But let me tell you about a great weekend in DC.
The Greggster and I made reservations at Lavandou on Connecticut Ave.
It’s a French restaurant, which made us both a little nervous, but we had a gift certificate.
We took a cab from Greggster’s place and the driver was lovely. He showed us a shortcut from the condo to the restaurant, which was rad because we only knew the long way.
We arrived pretty early, and stopped into the bar next door, Nanny O’Brien’s for a drink or two, to pass time and start our weekend….
Greggster sat down at the bar and I went to the bathroom…and when I returned he had a shit-eating grin on his face. There was a man standing next to him who looked vaguely familiar. “I was just talking to (insert name of national news broadcaster here).”
I’ll be damned. It was him.
We finished our drinks and so did Mr. News, when he left he wished us luck and told us the weekend’s big stories. It was a very cool DC moment.
We skipped over to Lavandou were we feasted on French wine, escargot, lobster, steak and Grand Marnier Mousse. It was an incredible meal and an incredible high. One of those meals where you drink just enough to make you smile, make your cheeks red, make everything in the room seem a little bit more warm and wonderful. We left smiling and laughing, eyes glittering in city lights.
If it was warmer (and the Greggster wasn’t injured…see previous entry) we might have walked. Instead we hopped in another cab and headed home, with great stories about French food, French wine and hanging out at our local bar with celebrities.
Saturday night we took friends to our favorite sushi restaurant. It was the kind of meal where you eat a lot, talk loud, laugh louder and wish you never had to leave. From there we headed over to Greggsters to show off the condo, and then to a club where friends of ours were having a birthday party in the VIP room. We partied till late, saw a NFL player or two and were ready to pass out when we got home.
Sunday we shopped at a local market, worked on Greggsters condo and put together a new aquarium.
Maybe it’s pretentious and maybe we just like to spend a lot of money (although I don’t think that’s really it. On weekends when we walk around and eat cheap Chinese food I feel equally as impressed and satisfied). I think it’s the charm of this city makes me feel at home often. I guess it’s like any other city with restaurants, bars and taxi cabs. But it has it’s own pace.
I lived in 3 houses growing up. When I went to college, I was an RA, and lived in 4 different dorms with many different people. After school I moved back home, then to an apartment in Virginia, and now I live in DC. I am very adaptable. I can pick up and leave and change and not feel like a part of me is lost or sad.

But this place is beginning to feel a lot like home.


At 6:40 PM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

"I like songs about drifters, books about the same.
They both seem to make me feel
a little less insane." -- Modest Mouse


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