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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Best Day of Work

Today has been fantastic. We had a staff meeting this morning, and I made some solid contributions to the discussion. My boss also told me I added some much-needed enthusiasm and creativity to the "think tank," which is one of the main reasons I was hired. I even volunteered to find some van drivers for an event next month. I read in a certain magazine it's good to volunteer for projects when starting a new job.

I also volunteered to pick up our after-school program kids this afternoon since the usual driver is sick. I'm sure the 15-passegner Econoline will bring back fond memories of AmeriCorps. When I return, I'm gonna squeeze in a workout before teaching basketball to 7- and 8-year-olds (filling in for the usual instructor). I did it last week, too, and had the kids running the three-man weave and believing line drills are fun. It was just like my camp days, only in a gymnasium instead of on a sun-scorched field.

So yea, I'm startin to feel at home here at the Y, and I'm startin to put my stamp on some of its programs. Things are looking up. Oh, and I got my car fixed over the weekend, meaning I no longer drive a four-wheeled motorcycle (thanks to a new front pipe).

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day (aka National Single Awareness Day). My highlight was talkin on the phone to one of my (AmeriCorps) sisters for an hour last nite. What was your highlight?


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