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Thursday, January 06, 2005

What I'll Miss About DC

OK, so maybe this'll become a daily feature as the countdown to my departure winds down. Since it's Thursday, I'd like to salute Asylum for its wonderful Happy Hour specials (50-cent tacos, 25-cent wings) and mediocre service. Where else in DC can you order a two-dollar pint of Shiner's from a multi-tattooed female bartender? Where else will you find clay baby heads on the walls? Asylum may very well be the only joint in town where you can find photographs of customers doing body shots on half-naked women (not the top half, either).

Tucked between a Subway and an electronics store (I think) on 18th Street, Asylum is the anti-Adams-Morgan. If A-M is Beauty, Asylum is easily the beast; it can only be appreciated after being inside it. Just like your buddy's annoying sister!

Although it may not be the most welcoming establishment, Asylum certainly is one of the most affordable, which is key when you're enslaved to AmeriCorps*VISTA. The arm-wrestling matches, the broken stools and scary waitresses will all keep a special place in my heart (and all that other sappy stuff). Farewell, Asylum, and thanks for the memories. Your unsanitary bathroom and leaky soft tacos will be missed.


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