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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tossed Salad

The Greggster busted his ass as we walked to the metro station this weekend. The day was supposed to be spent cheering on the Eagles, eating home made chili and drinking beer. Instead it was spent in the emergency room, watching Greggster battle tylenol3-induced haze and wondering what the future held for my poor baby and his busted up leg.
He fell because there is snow and ice everywhere, and he was carrying a big bowl of salad I made…when he slipped he held on to that bowl, like a good boy, with all his might. Instead of busting up the bowl, he busted up his Achilles tendon……somehow I think it would have been better to bust up the bowl. Next time I see him in mid air, I shall yell, “Drop the bowl! Save yourself!”
This is an interesting time in our relationship. Do you know what it’s like to depend on someone so much? Do you know what it’s like to have someone depending on you? These are questions being answered this week, in length.
My parents say I am not a very compassionate person- that I expect people to be strong and see sickness and sympathy as weakness. I am trying very, very hard to be a good girl and not project these feelings onto the Greggster. Maybe it’s in my head. Maybe it’s in my momma’s head.
I can say this- it is difficult to watch someone you love struggle with everyday tasks like putting on pants or walking down stairs. It hurts to see someone in pain, all the while knowing that ice, vicodin, sleep, elevation and all the nice things you can say in the world aren’t really helping at all.
And I didn’t even mention the 50-pound boot he has to wear. Sheesh. My poor, poor Greggster.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

The Greggster is gonna be aight...and thanks for the love and support :)

PS - We Ride


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