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Friday, January 14, 2005

The End of Adventures?

The Internet’s down today, at least as of 850am. So instead of getting some work done, I decided to find other ways to waste time. Typin a blog entry on Word is the first activity. One day after a lovely 70-degree afternoon, DC has returned to its miserable winter weather, which consists of rain and wind. In fact, this morning while running to cross the street before the light changed, my hat went flying off my head. I looked like Hideki Matsui every time he prances after a foul ball in leftfield. It is that windy today. Luckily, my hat landed in a puddle, making the experience even more pleasurable. I can’t wait to get back to snow country in a couple weeks.

After sitting here for more than five minutes, wondering what to write about, I realized my life has become a lot less adventurous. Instead of spending my days building fences on Catalina or fighting fires in the Eldorado, I now find myself relegated to discussing naked men I encounter in the locker room each day. My friends used to love hearing my stories from AmeriCorps, packaged nicely in a mass email sent once or twice a month. Now, I don’t even bother to discuss my daily routine, which is just that—routine.

I will begin my first career at the end of this month. I’ve met my future supervisors and they’re awesome, and I’ll be working at a YMCA, which is like my sanctuary. Imagine Michael Jackson getting a job at a kiddie porn store. That’s how happy I am to be working at the Y.

But there’s still a slice of me that longs for the everyday adventures that come with unusual jobs. Two years ago, my days consisted of teaching kids how to read, leading after-school programs w/ the sister I never had, and building a community garden with some of my best friends. For the past year, I’ve sat in front of a computer each day, slowly becoming another American stuck in a monotonous job.

Is it normal for our lives to slowly tame as we get older? Or am I squandering valuable moments of life during that small period of time where one is completely independent? Once a creature of consistency, I’ve become somewhat of a wanderer. Friends call me a nomad. I’m not sure if this is because of my AmeriCorps experience or the girl I loved during that time. All I know is I’ve lived in DC for exactly 365 days, and I am ready to get out. I’m not knocking the city, which has supplied some good times (Pizza MAAAAAAAART). In fact, I’d probably be sick of Atlantis if I discovered it and lived there for a year.

I recently devised a plan to inject some excitement back into my life. I’m gonna tackle my new job with plenty of energy and creativity. I never thought I’d say this, but work will be my top priority. And after a few years, once I’ve left my stamp on the Y and done all I can to improve its programs, I’ll take a break from “real life.” Maybe I’ll become a forest ranger, or live in Europe for a while (I have dual citizenship thanks to my French mom). Whatever path I choose, I’m sure it will offer more adventures than has the past year. I’m sure it’ll make for more better blog entries, as well. But I’m sure gonna miss the strange locker room tendencies of naked men.


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