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Thursday, December 30, 2004


We got an email from our executive director yesterday saying we could wear jeans to work today. The email also implied our office (with all 5 of us working this week) would not be closing early today. So I get to dress down while I sit and surf the net.
If I wore a suit to work today could I then leave early?
If I ask the executive director this question, do you think I’ll get fired?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


In our day and age, we come anticipate certain things. Other things seem horrible, but likely. And still others will probably never happen, but we are prepared.
I might get in a car accident.
I could get a computer virus
I may get mugged
It's even possible that I could witness a terrorist attack.
My building might get bombed.
But giant waves, sweeping over my coutnry and killing tens of thousands of people, leaving me homeless, hungry, hurt and looking for ap lace to bury my relatives before they cause me to die of disease?
Totally inconcievable.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Also Being Home

This holiday I took a big step into what I consider adult-hood. This is the first Christmas that I spent some of the holiday with my family and some of the holiday with the family of my significant other…..obviously not just any significant other….but “the one”.
We spent a lot of time in the car. Our families live about 2 hours away from each other. So, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family, drove up to Jersey, spent Christmas day and part of the next day at his family’s house…..And then, in what could be called the event of the year, my boyfriend, his parents and I drove back to my parents house so our families could meet. Dum dum dummmmmm!!!!!!!
It went rather well. When we pulled up to the house I saw my younger sister and grandmother looking out one of the windows. The court was full of cars- it looked like my parents invited a few extra people to our annual party. Oh no, was it my weird cousin? Was it my loud, obnoxious uncle? Was it someone sent to embarass me and talk about my childhood years of big ears, bad hair and nerdy leggins?
I took a deep breath, put a smile on my face, and proceeded into the madness, introducing a slew of Tony’s Louie’s, Bobby’s, Nicky’s some more Tony’s and a few Connie’s.
I rustled the group into the living room, a smaller, less crowded room where we could eat and talk to my own parents. Many followed. We ended up with a group of about 15 going back and forth about Jersey, Italy, baseball, what a “good boy” my boyfriend is, and how cute he must have looked playing Jesus in a church production. Dessert, coffee and many kisses followed, then the departure.
Over all, I feel like it was a success- only one weird outburst from my socially awkward grandmother and plenty of hugs from my favorite one. Everyone left with a smile on their face.
Am I really this old? Did I really just introduce my parents to the family that will one day be a part of my own? When did I grow up?
And what am I doing for New Years Eve?

Being Home

Well, after a long day/nite of travel, I made it home Thursday morning just in time for my scheduled haircut (the long blond locks are gone). I've visited the local bars every nite since, excluding Christmas Eve. I decided to attend church instead for some reason, prolly cuz the bars were all closed. And yes, the congregation did sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful." Awesome.

So after a relaxing Christmas Day w/ my family and our next-door neighbors (I kicked ass in Taboo), I drove over to my friend Steve's apt. to meet up w/ him and our friend Sol. We watched the Patriots 2001 Super Bowl DVD and played "baseball," the greatest drinking game ever (coming to stores near you as soon as we patent it and start mass production). We then stepped out into the 15-degree weather and walked downtown to the bars. Why does 20 degrees seem lethal in DC, but quite pleasant here in NH? Anyway, I could recap every nite I've been to the bar over the past week, but that would be boring. In fact, I'm not even sure why I wrote this paragraph. But I did, and I'm not erasing it.

Right now I'm enjoying my parents' high-speed internet, which they purchased last month. Gone is that unbelievably annoying sound of connecting through dial-up. Gone are the hours it took to download two songs (legally, of course). My mom is watching The Price is Right while she irons in the living room. My dad is in the kitchen reading the paper, wearing a button-down shirt and grey briefs (nothing else). Thankfully you forget how weird your family is after being away for long periods of time.

My dad just went into the bathroom, which is connected to the computer room (where I currently sit). And he's now letting the snakes outta the zoo. The walls are so thin in this old house. I always have to turn music on when someone's pooping; it's tough to concentrate when you can hear everything goin on in the bathroom (things dropping, bodily noises, etc.). Ahhh, it's good to be home. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go buy some champagne goggles for Sat. nite.

In response

It’s 8:30 am, two days after Christmas. I am one of five people working in my office…everyone else has young children. They are probably asleep right now, and if they are not, they are putting together battleships, laughing at new DVD’s, eating leftovers, drinking coffee, or looking for the place to put the batteries in their kids new remote control car.
But I’m not bitter!
The holiday, while short, was great. And the lack of people here can really only mean one thing for me- more time to blog!!!!
So, I’ll start with entertaining J-Mazz’s last entry.
There are a million theories about marriage, soul mates, finding “the one”, or just finding “one”. People form their opinions, most of the time, based on their own experiences. So, my experience tells me to never give up hope, never stop living or loving, never settle.
I have settled several times, only to end up hurt or disappointed or both. It is when I learned to really like myself, expect that someone would like me for the right reasons, and just relaxed that I found my true love. And when you learn expect the best, you can then learn to compromise. Because when you know you have the best thing possible, the compromise comes easy.
If a past relationship was perfect, it would not be in the past. Maybe it was perfect in that moment, but true love doesn’t get up and leave without any explanation. It doesn’t avoid your attempts at reconciliation, it doesn’t ignore you, it doesn’t disregard your feelings. If it does, it isn’t love. Not anymore.
If it seemed perfect and it ended, if time passed by and it didn’t reconcile, it wasn’t meant to be.
Sometimes I think we put these past relationships and experiences on a pedestal to look at, ache over, admire, wish we could relive. Sometimes we look at the past and pretend it was greater than it ever really was. We forget the bad times and only remember the good.
I have had these moments in my life when a relationship ended and I wished so, so hard that something would click, that an ex would figure out that I was worth all their time and effort and change and love. That he would realize the stupid mistake and find me and save me and love me. But all the wishing and thinking and hoping doesn’t help. It just makes you that much more disappointed when nothing happens, or worse, when you try to make something happen, and they don’t respond the way you wish they would.
Sometimes, relationships are worth a second try. But that second try, in my experience, usually ends in wishing you never gave it a second try.