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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What Do You Do During Staff Meetings?

Having joined AmeriCorps*NCCC right after college, I didn't experience my first staff meeting until moving to DC in January. I had no idea what to expect. During my previous employment w/ an underachieving nonprofit, staff meetings consisted of everyone sitting around the conference table trying to avoid eye contact w/ the boss (The King). In fact, I wouldn't enter the conference room until The King had, so as to avoid sitting next to him and his lethal-to-small-animals breath. On a side note, he JUST called the office hoping to speak w/ my supervisor. Weird. Anyway, staff meetings would last about 90 min. and consisted of The King and his henchwoman speaking for about 85 min. Presenting the week's news items regarding DC elementary schools was my only contribution, aside from the witty comments that would make everyone around the table laugh (except The King, of course).

When I started working at my current nonprofit, I dreaded my first staff meeting, which took place the first Monday of my employment. Luckily, my immediate supervisor spoke for both of us during our allotted 10-min. window, leaving me w/ two hours of free time while pretending to listen. Here's what I did:

October Staff Meeting:
Caught up in the fever that is Red Sox Nation, I scraped my memory for the 25-man playoff rosters for the Sox and Evil Empire. I listed pitchers first, then moved to position players. The Sox were easy to list, but I came up one or two overpriced Yankee benchwarmers. Of course, I put Jeter on top of A-Rod because I hear that's how they prefer it.

November Staff Meeting:
I think I skipped this meeting and instead manned the phones in the office (and checked my email 327 times).

December Staff Meeting:
Having just accepted a new job in Boston (to start in late January), I figured out my monthly budget once I move up there. This didn't take the full two hours, so I finished the meeting by listing the Celtics' 12-man roster and players on the injured list. Awesome.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger T-Rock said...

when i go to staff meetings, I o.d. on bagels, donuts (well I dont eat those but others do) orange juice, apple juice, pastry....thats right, someone in my office figured out if you feed us we will come, we will smile and we will feel compelled to pay attention...this place isn't so bad!

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Emily said...

In my last staff meeting I managed to scrape every inch of my finger nail polish off. I made no attempt to hide my boredom or the little pink flakes all over the ground... I was bored, what?! And lately, I've made a lot of Christmas lists in meetings, grocery lists are another favorite.


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