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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Smile Was Brought to you Today by...

On a visit to one of my organization's partner-elementary schools today, I overheard a girl talking to the receptionist on my way out.

Girl: "Can I use the phone to call my mom?"
Receptionist: "Why?"
Girl: "Cuz my sister peed on me."
Receptionist: "Again?"

Which reminds me of a girl I used to date. She once told me she and her younger sister would race to the bathroom (to pee) when they were little. The winner of the race would sit on the toilet and pee, while the losing sister would sit on the winner's lap and proceed to piss all over her. I really loved that girl.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Marie said...

I'm not sure who the real loser was in their contest...the one that didn't get to sit on the toilet, or the one that got peed on. Hmmm


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