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Thursday, December 09, 2004

She trips, she scores!!!!

The adventures of the incredible clumsy woman…
Yesterday at the gym, I fell off the treadmill. My roommate was with me, and she knows how clumsy I am, so we laughed about it together. But no joke, my legs just buckled and I sort of slid off it. I caught myself, as to not go flying off the back. But I turned around and a whole row of people on machines behind me saw the whole thing. Most looked on in horror. A few looked annoyed. A few looked genuinely concerned. This just made me laugh harder. When I got up I kind of turned around and put my arms up as if to say, “It’s okay, I’m okay!”
At any rate, the adventures continue. I took ballet for 10 years. I thought it would teach me some grace but apparently I was wrong about that. I have this thyroid disease, and one of the symptoms is clumsiness. Can I attribute my clumsiness to my thyroid disease? I don’t know. I could try.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

you're so sexy - i wish i was there to catch you every time you fell

j-mazz, can you really fall asleep anywhere? i mean one minute you were putting on your coat the next minute you were snoring on my bed...HaHa.

Here's my blog for today (can I be an honorary member?):
Why should Pete Rose not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
This is the All-Time leader in hits we're talking about...the 1963 National League Rookie of the Year, 1968,1969 and 1973 NL Batting Champion. The 1975 World Series MVP...he was the heart and soul of the 'Big Red Machine' that won back-to-back World Series' titles in '75 & '76 and went to two others in the early 1970s. He then moved his career to the 'Fighting City' of Philadelphia and along with the Michael Jack Schmidt (Greatest 3rd Baseman in History) and others won the 1980 World Series and also went to the 1983 World Series. In 1978 Pete Rose told SI Magazine that he would 'walk through Hell in a Gasoline Suit just to play baseball...'

Isn't that the type of player we want? Somebody who excels and gives everything they have on the field? He was nicknamed 'Charlie Hustle' because he always ran hard and played harder. No steroids. No drug problem. Sure he liked to drink a little and had a few wives - but that's part of American culture these days...It wasn't until after his playing career was over that he went terribly wrong. I don't think we should keep him out of the HOF as PETE ROSE THE BASEBALL PLAYER. If we wanted to talk about guys' personal lives and the screw-ups that many of them have had then we'd have to cross off many HOF in every sport...including Bowling.
Listen, I'm not saying the Pete Rose is an angel - no way...but with Jason Giambi, Jose Canseco, Ken Caminiti and more to come, coming out and admitting to steroid use - we need to rethink the Rose case.
Don't induct him after he dies - that would be a major slap in the face.
I hope they do it soon...because I along with hundreds of thousands of baseball fans will go see him get inducted.

The Greggster


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