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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Pet Peeves

A lot of things really bug me, which may be why I’m so stressed. On a side note, if anyone’s looking to practice their massage techniques, I’m more than willing to be a test subject. As I was saying, I, like my friend T-Rock, have a lot of pet peeves. Here are a few quick ones:

I can’t stand people who stand right in front of the weight rack while using dumbbells. Do they not realize other people need access to the weights? One of these days I might accidentally drop a weight on someone’s foot.

Panhandlers really bother me. Understand, I don’t mind the people who sit/stand against a building and quietly ask for spare change. But since I moved to DC in January, I’ve encountered some unbelievably aggressive bums. While eating at Chipotle w/ a couple friends, a homeless man walked inside the restaurant and started asking us for money. When we said no, he asked me if I was gonna finish my burrito. I’ve also been approached downtown several times while running, as if I’m gonna stop, remove my headphones and dig into my pocketless shorts for some change. One man startled me last month by appearing from the shadows, rubbing his stomach and holding his other hand out, palm up, silently begging for money like a depressed Harpo Marx. I’m usually pretty patient w/ panhandlers, however. The only time I really get annoyed is if they approach me while I’m on the phone. That’s when I tell them to go away, which leads me to my next pet peeve.

If you’re talking to someone on the phone, don’t have a side conversation w/ someone in the room. There is nothing more aggravating than trying to focus on what someone’s saying over the phone, trying to decide which words are intended for me and which are being spoken to the other person. And if I’m on the phone, don’t talk to me! I have a hard enough time listening to one person at a time.

Let us know what bothers you. If it’s something I do, I’ll try to refrain from it, at least when you’re around. I can't say the same for T-Rock.


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