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Friday, December 10, 2004

Oh, Brother

While we're on the subject of unambitious brothers, my little brother graduated HS in June. I think back to this time last year, asking him to which schools he planned on applying. However, despite his good grades and community involvement, he insisted he was not going to college. His magical plan involved "taking some time off" to travel. Where does an 18-year-old HS grad from New Hampshire travel? Well, after first traveling to Europe to visit relatives for a month or two, he would return home for a short while before backpacking through South America. I'm sure other locations were also mentioned. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince him all these great vacations would require money.

So here we are, six months after his HS graduation, and what exotic lands has he traversed? Well, he currently works for a Northampton, Mass., pipe organ company. He and his co-workers travel all over the northeast in their quest to fill the world w/ pipe organs. Oh, and in case you ever doubted the importance of piano lessons, I'm sure my brother's ability to play the organ (and play it well) helped him secure the job. And it all started w/ piano lessons.

Anyway, he's living at home and making decent money, although I don't think he's havin much fun considering all his friends went off to college. My parents suggested he at least take some courses at the local college. He didn't. I told him to join AmeriCorps if he didn't wanna go straight to college. He didn't listen. Now, after three months of working at least 40 hours/week, he's realized "the real world" kinda sucks; he's going to college next fall.

I guess what I'm saying is you need to let people figure things out for themselves. Trial and error is the best learning method (and one of the 10 problem solving strategies learned in middle-school math class). If everyone could realize this, don't you think life would be a lot more exciting?


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