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Monday, December 13, 2004

More Hot Cartoon Characters

I love how T-Rock tried to play it off like this was my idea. Please. Cartoons were a big part of my life growing up, as evidenced by my pre-school days when I would go to my friend Josh's house after school to be baby-sat by his mom. Josh's mom would make us watch Sesame Street every afternoon, but whenever she left the room, I'd quickly change the channel to He-Man. I stopped going to his house after I left a red shirt on a lamp (for the red-light effect) and almost burned the house down. I blamed it on Josh, who has downs syndrome. Apparently his mom didn't think that was too funny. I could write an entire post on babysitters, but not today. The cartoon vixens are calling my name. Here are some of the finest:

Rainbow Bright
I still remember the theme song from this show, which is pretty pathetic until you remember my mutant memory. My first sexual dream was about Rainbow Bright when I was six years old. Apparently I skipped Freud's whole latency period and went straight to Stage Five. This would explain a lot.

Any straight man who claims not to have lusted over this Thundercat is a dirty dirty liar. Just thinking about her wild blond hair and gymnastic ability is enough to drive a lesser man crazy. I will never forget the Thundercats episode that showed each character sans clothing. That was the highlight of my life until I kissed Allison, the hottest girl in my kindergarten class. Btw, whoever drew this needs a g/f.

Ever seen someone the morning after a hook-up and wonder what you were thinking? That's how I feel right now after searching Google Images. Talk about a butter face! Alas, if she's good enough for He-Man, she's good enough for me. Check out this picture of Teela discovering a rare sex toy just outside Castle Grayskull. Come to think of it, how sexual was that entire show? Just a few character names for you to think about: Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Ram-Man. And where did He-Man's arch-nemesis, Skeletor, live? SNAKE MOUNTAIN!


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