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Monday, December 13, 2004

Hottest Cartoon Characters

So then, it’s pretty obvious that I did not pick this category. This is totally a male category. This is one of those things a male thinks about when he watches “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, or a variety of anime…. “Dude, she is HOT!”
I do not think about hotness level when I watch cartoons. To be quite honest, I really don’t watch cartoons anymore. My dad and I, when I moved back home after college, liked to watch “Rugrats”. I also found entertainment value in “Doug”. But if I sat here and said any of the little babies were hot, or the awkward sketch of a teenager known as “Doug”, I’d be a pervert or a weirdo. So I won’t do that.
Instead, I will dig deep into my childhood to try to muster up some hot cartoons.

Captain Planet
I heard he has supposed to look like Tom Cruise, and what little girl didn’t love Tom Cruise, eh? I saw “Top Gun” and sort of fell in love with that leather jacket and hair gel. I still have a thing for hair gel. Earth! Wind! Water! Fire! Heart! Gooooo Planet! I remember the whole song. I could sing it but I won’t. I think he was blue, on the show. Can someone confirm that for me?

New Kids on the Block
I heart NKOTB. And people may not remember but yes, they did in fact, have a cartoon show. My first love was Donnie but then he got kind of skeevy. So then I loved Jordan. But the cartoons were soooo cute. There were comic books, too. I still have them. And the trading cards. And the gum. And the tour jacket. What? Did I go too far? Back to cartoons….

I had a crush on Popeye because he reminds me of my grandfather, or as we refer to him, my “pop pop”. Pop pop was a sailor, and had the best navy tats ever. He was tough like Popeye, had a raspy voice and squinty eyes and I still love him to death. He is the cutest old man I’ve ever seen. Hot? Maybe not. Adorable? Yes, please.

Frankly I cannot think of any more hot cartoons characters. It’s just weird.


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