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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Great with child

So last night I was thinking about what I was doing a year ago...and it hit me that a year ago today, I was standing at an alter, as a bridesmaid in my first friend-wedding. I have been to several of my friends weddings since I graduated college, but this was the first that I actively participated in.

This deserves a whole entry in itself.

At any rate, a year ago, I was getting my hair done with the rest of the bridesmaids, and the bride’s 4 year old nephew, needed a babysitter. I sent him down to my hotel room, where my brother and boyfriend (my two handsome dates) were playing Rocky on Playstation 2 until the ceremony. When he arrived at the room, my brother sat him down on the edge of the bed. My boyfriend fell asleep, due to a cold and possible overdose on Nyquil.

My brother, first, offered the kid a beer. He declined. He did, however, want to play Rocky. When he noticed my boyfriend asleep in the bed, he asked why he was sleeping.

My brother’s response? “He is pregnant.”


At 10:04 AM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

What happened, Greggster? Miscarriage? Abortion? I remember watching the Cosby Show episode when all the men got pregnant due to a volcanic eruption contaminating the water supply. I always wondered from where the "babies" came out. Also, d'ya think Dr. Huxtable consumed the sub and 2-liter bottle of soda after giving birth to them? These things should be answered in a DVD release.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

apparently i'm still having the's just a long process of pregnancy. I think I've been pregnant for over a year now - just packing on the pounds daily. What once was a fit 6'2" 190-195 man is now a 6'2" 205 pregger.

I lose.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger T-Rock said...

j-mazz, way to bring up the best cosby show EVER!!!! when he ate that sub and dreamt about muppets, i was in heaven. the more muppets, the better. i think i even tried it for myself.....ate a big sub....but no muppets. ah, the magic of hollywood.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger J-Mazz said...

Muscle weighs more than fat.


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